Tracking Live and Online Sports Events

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Sports Event Organization and Management

The perfect system for tracking live and online sports events held outdoors.
Participants are equipped with GPS solutions, which continuously display their location on the map. This not only enhances their safety but also assists organizers in managing the competitions and provides viewers with important information such as location, results, and timing.
Receive instant alerts and notifications
Participants safety and event management
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Comprehensive Support

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We are a team with 12 years of experience in organizing and managing car rallies and sports events. Our services are available both on-site and remotely, providing comprehensive support and professional service.
Rally Poland 2022
Ferrari Corsa Baltica 2023
Rally Valvoline 2023
We support every year about 40 events.

Instant results

Results and Data Analysis
Our system enables real-time results and PDF generation after each segment of the sports event.
With event data stored on our servers, protest resolution becomes faster and more fair. Additionally, the system generates serial documents or written decisions for athletes, meeting individual organizer requirements.
Real-time and PDF results after each event segment
Advanced sports and technical data analysis
Statistics, charts, and tables

Application in Various Disciplines

Our rallyTrackTime system is a perfect fit for all outdoor sports and events, including car rallies, sailing, motorcycle rallies, cycling, aviation sports, and tourist events. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse needs.

RallyTrackTime System

Our GPS devices are top-of-the-line and perform flawlessly worldwide. Prior to the event, contact us to select the device that best suits your needs. Our application interface is fully responsive, ensuring clear display of maps and results on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
Web application
Mobile application for Android and iOS
Mobile app replacing GPS tracker
Top-notch GPS device rental
Responsive application interface
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